[Snort-users] CEREBUS 1.2 Alert Browser and Data Correlator

Dragos Ruiu dr at ...381...
Tue Aug 27 10:21:05 EDT 2002

Normally this file is found in the snort distribution dir wherever you 
squirreled it away.  Sounds like you installed a binary snort distribution
and it may not be there.  You should probably use something more 
recent than 1.8.1 as many bugs have been fixed between here and there.
I'd recommend downloading the latest release tarball from www.snort.org.


P.s. call me a grumpy old unix guy but I hate extra typing :-), so i'd use:

find / | grep map

(-print is the default action of find)

On August 27, 2002 04:47 pm, Michael Boman wrote:
> On Wednesday 28 August 2002 00:05, Donofrio, Lewis wrote:
> > Ruiu,
> >
> > Thanks for the reply but what is the PATH to the standard .map files
> > that snort uses?
> >
> > --Sorry but I'm having a hard time getting LS in Linux to do the same as
> > DIR /s *.map does in DOS6.22
> Dunno if this is a rant or just a .signature - but anyway:
> find <directory where to start looking. Usually '.' or '/'> -iname "*.map"
> -print
> Best regards
>  Michael Boman

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