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Probably you might not have created the username with password for
logging into Mysql db . Have u created tables?

ALso, as U said Snort runs w/o any problem after logging in.
have u checked up often the status :

#/etc/rc.d/init.d/snortd status

checkup for "subsys lock" error.

In my case, I too used the same snort with the same mysql,webmin,ACID
etc.., My snort runs well as a Daemon, but not through the startup script.
by manual.

But through web browser , webmin, when I start, It throws error & refused to

another thing, I am not getting any "log" , where do i checkup for ?
I am not finding anything in "/var/log/snort/*.log " files.
All are empty/.

How can i test snortd by doing IpSpoofing?

Do u have any idea?
Have u tried to do IPspoofing?

Mail me soon.

With regards,

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I can't seem to get snort to start at boot up.

I'm current using the following:

Linux 2.4.18
MySQL 3.23.39
Snort 1.8.6

I created two startup scripts,  /etc/rc.mysqld and /etc/rc.snortd.
I then run /etc/rc.mysqld first and then /etc/rc.snortd by making a call
/etc/rc.local. MySQL starts up fine, but snort does not. When I looked at
system logs I found the following error:

snort: FATAL ERROR: database: mysql_error: Can't connect to local MySQL
through socket '/var/run/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)

Now this is the part I can't figure out. If I call /etc/rc.snortd after
logging in, snort starts up fine. Everything runs great, snort is logging to
MySQL, and I can analyse the packets with ACID. Maybe I'm missing
something... any ideas?


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