[Snort-users] Snort Windows 2000 and Linux

D&D Jordan info at ...4189...
Mon Aug 26 16:00:06 EDT 2002

Hi there,
I installed the RH rawhide snort 1.8.7 (previously running 1.8.1) and ever
since then I have not been getting any alert messages in the syslog.
I also wanted to try snort on a w2k server so I got the wincap, libnet and
snort binary, installed them, but cannot get snort to run because it is not
configured with any usable output. I am only trying to test this out. I do
not have/will not install IIS and would rather not install mySQL until I
know that this is going to work.
Can someone advise me on how to set up a basic log output for W2K?
And maybe clue me in as to why I no longer receive any alerts on my linux



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