[Snort-users] installing acid on fbsd4.6 for meer mortals

Randy Bey Randy.Bey at ...6683...
Fri Aug 23 13:54:02 EDT 2002

>At first the plotting didn't work for me either.  I read through the
>once again and saw that "register_globals" had to be on in the php.ini 
>file (something I should have remembered from when I read it the first 
>time, before I started the project).  This setting is off by default. 
> If this isn't on, ACID appears to work, but many things are broken, 
>such as the 'next' buttons when looking through a list of packet logs, 
>the page buttons, the back button, etc.  It also turns out that the
>functionality needs this too.  Once this was on, plotting worked.  

I must have missed this in the FAQ, thanks for pointing it out!

I had noticed that my 'back' buttons were no more than text, no actual
function to them, NOW they work, yahoo!

And I graph now too, albeit dunno if it's right or wrong.

Once again Jim, you are a Life Saver (cherry flavored!)


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