[Snort-users] Re: Replying conventions (hopefully the last one)

Keith Young kyoung at ...6513...
Thu Aug 22 15:24:03 EDT 2002

Matt Kettler wrote:
> For the first question, many, many, many posters to the snort-users list 
> asking for help are not subscribed to it. Hence the common convention of 
> replying to both..
> as for where the replies go, that's *supposed* to be up to the sender.. 
> some lists munge the reply-to header and replace it with the list's 
> address, but a lot of purists consider that pretty much a disfeature.
> Admittedly many windows MUA's always set reply-to to the same value as 
> from, but the header exists in email and is put in by the MUA for the 
> express purpose of letting users control where the default replies go. I 
> guess the windows-generation has decided that this is too confusing to 
> allow mortal users to do. Sad.

Sorry for beating a *very* dead horse, but I believe that 
Chris/Sourcefire/Sourceforge/etc has this list configured properly.

To put this issue to bed, refer to the Majordomo listserver FAQ:

I manage serveral security lists and (prior to a private e-mail being 
sent to the mailing list) had all replies sent back to the mailing list. 
Needless to say, all of my lists are now changed to the "correct" (ala 
snort-users) format.

Now back to Snort IDS discussions?


--Keith Young
-kyoung at ...6513...

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