[Snort-users] Replying conventions

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Thu Aug 22 14:57:04 EDT 2002

For the first question, many, many, many posters to the snort-users list 
asking for help are not subscribed to it. Hence the common convention of 
replying to both..

as for where the replies go, that's *supposed* to be up to the sender.. 
some lists munge the reply-to header and replace it with the list's 
address, but a lot of purists consider that pretty much a disfeature.

Admittedly many windows MUA's always set reply-to to the same value as 
from, but the header exists in email and is put in by the MUA for the 
express purpose of letting users control where the default replies go. I 
guess the windows-generation has decided that this is too confusing to 
allow mortal users to do. Sad.

At 05:10 PM 8/22/2002 -0400, you wrote:

> > In any event, sounds like it's more or less a moot point and this
> > thread  should die off. If someone has any good reason why such a reply
> > format  would be of detriment to the list as a whole, and not just the
> > duplicated  author, I encourage them to post it, but it sounds like
> > everyone else has  no better ideas about this than I do. :)
>Honestly, I cant think of a good reason, the author and the list should be
>copied on the note separately. If you subscribe to the list, then
>obviously you will get any message sent to the list. Why get 2 copies?
>It also escapes me why clicking reply to a message on the list sends back
>to the original poster (by default) and not the snort list. Its very easy
>to forget to CC the list in this circumstances. 99% of the other lists I
>subscribe to are not this way.
>All that said, this list is by far the most responsive list I subscribe
>to. Anytime I have posted a question, I have gotten an answer, and in
>short time. Very impressive. Keep up the good work  ;)
>Eric Joe
>Network Operations
>Journey's End Internet/Computer Connection Inc

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