[Snort-users] Replying conventions

John Sage jsage at ...2022...
Thu Aug 22 11:55:04 EDT 2002

Note that, although I'm replying to Matt's post, I am *not* replying
directly to him!

I'm not replying directly to him because although he makes a good
point, my comments aren't specific enough to what he has to say that
I need to be certain that he reads them.

Having said that:

The biggest irritant that I see that's anywhere close to this whole
issue is thankfully very rare:

Two people having a dialog based upon a post to the list, where only
*one* of them is replying back to the list.

All the rest of us are sitting outside, trying to read one half of a

Drives me nuts...

Anyway, why *wouldn't* you want to post to the list and respond to
the author also?

Beats me..

(hmm..  I have on occaision seen people with "Don't cc: me on replies
- I'll take my responses from the list" -- which I do try to respect,
when I notice).

Or did I misunderstand the original question?

- John
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