[Snort-users] Replying conventions

Jason security at ...5028...
Wed Aug 21 19:56:06 EDT 2002

There does seem to be a huge difference in culture out there.

I am on several non technical lists where people routinely complain 
about the replying to the senders and the list. To this I typically 
reply that it started as list content and should remain. The copying of 
people directly is a courtsey as they obviously have interest. Usually I 
find that these are people who are on slow links and would rather not 
get duplicates of messages. I then explain the reply-to function to them.

It is not perfect but it helps. A thought about this is that the metoo 
settings could be extended and made smart enough to not send a message 
to a list member who is already listed as a recipient or sender.

To get off topic a a whole lot.

Maybe the person complaining had a bad day and you were the first to 
catch the vent, for all we know they kept getting kicked on a dialup 
with the 2nd message and it just frustrated the hell out of them to top 
it off. I am not excusing the mail or trying to kick off a flame war but 
there are lots of likely explnations any of which can be picked apart. 
Lets remember that we were all once clueless and will continue to have 
bad days ourself, information without attitude will help us all move 
along a lot better than flames.


No copies since it is the topic ;-/

Matt Kettler wrote:

> I was mostly curious if anyone with "something useful to say" had any 
> reasons why it shouldn't be done that way.. Given the responses so 
> far, sounds like nobody has any, except perhaps the original mailer, 
> who has not given any useful insight into their complaint so far.

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