[Snort-users] what happens to snort at midnight

Srijith.K srijith at ...2240...
Wed Aug 21 19:13:03 EDT 2002

> As mentioned previously I am running snort in Debian 3.0 unstable.  When
> running for a few hours it behaves fine, but when running overnight I get
> a signal 15 error.  I timed how long snort runs and it always bails out
> around midnight.  I tried starting snort at different times, but it will
> never go past then.
> What does snort do at midnight and how can i keep it running continuously.

Maybe it is not what snort is doing at midnight, but what your box might
be doing at midnight. Usually, some clean up works are croned for around
midnight. So maybe one of those non-snort crons are creating the problem?

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