[Snort-users] snort 1.9.0b6 memory leak?

Gray . Brendan bgray2 at ...3738...
Tue Aug 20 10:45:02 EDT 2002

I've noticed the same thing.  Mine start at about 13M of usage, and grows
until it consume nearly all physical RAM (approx 54 M) and then starts
chewing on swap.  I've had it running over the weekend and it is currently
using 48M of swap (out of 192M), and 54M of physical RAM (out of 64).

Other than setting my HOME_NET and EXTERNAL_NET and choosing which rules to
use, my snort.conf is stock.


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I'm using 1.9.0beta6 and the snort process grew from about 13M to
48M in about two hours. When turning portscan2 and conversation off
it seems to stabilize at 13M.

Anybody else noticed this? I was using default values for portscan2
and conversation.

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