[Snort-users] ACID query: How to display ???

Know How beteachable at ...125...
Thu Aug 15 11:10:04 EDT 2002

Hi all,
   I have one more question and this time ACID query Display. I want to 
display latest alert first, that is in descending order of date. For example 
i want to start display the latest alert first which has today's date 
(2002-08-14) and current time(or the last alert logged when i clicked diplay 
Alerts). In my case, i start seeing alerts list from the first day when 
snort started logging into snort database.
I tried changing ORDER BY statement in acid_qry_sqlcalls.php for Timestamp 
to DESC (for time_a), still i get same old result.

Any help is greatly apprciated.


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