[Snort-users] 1000s of SMTP RCPT TO overflow and Speedera Pings

Eric Joe sysop at ...6291...
Wed Aug 14 13:13:02 EDT 2002

I know what Speedera is (I have read their FAQ), but what I dont
understand why Snorts default rules even counts this as an alert. What are
others on the list doing with Speedera? Would it be a bad idea to ignore
The other top alert I am getting is SMTP RCPT TO overflow, and the targets
are mail server/DNS servers. I have manually added my DNS servers in the
snort.conf file, but still have gotten over 5600 of these in less than 1
week. I am sure these are false alarms, but I want to get the lists
feedback on this.

Thanks in advance

Eric Joe
Network Operations
Journey's End Internet/Computer Connection Inc

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