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Mon Aug 12 16:22:02 EDT 2002

Someone in the Bay Area PLEASE hire Max! 

FYI, he got hosed, not that it matters to most people.

I know this is a cross-post, but I think Max is well known to most of the
readers of these lists, so I feel it's relevant. 

Before you pick up a rock, please check the walls of your house and verify
they aren't glass.


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Subject: bay area security professional, $6.75/hr... Please read below!

Greetings security employers:

I have an unusual situation that I would like to describe to you, and in
doing so I am asking that anyone who can immediately employ me in the San
Fransisco Bay Area, please read this email and consider taking advantage
of my availablity and temporarily low cost.

I am...
 o a seasoned professional with extensive security skills and experience
 o a once convicted hacker (DOD, 1998)
 o local to the San Fransisco Bay Area, I live in Oakland
 o willing to work for mimimum wage (for the next two months)
 o eager to work 60 hour weeks; I don't mind nights/weekends/holidays

My Skills
  I am considered by many to have expert level proficiency at both
penetration testing and network intrusion detection.  I am also skilled at
vulnerability research, firewall configuration, unix system administation
(solaris, linux, *bsd), web administration/development, security policy
development, and I even do windows.

My Conviction (why I am desperate)
  I am not proud of being convicted of a felony, but it is important that
a potential employer know of my status.  Apparently if you have FDIC
insurance there is a clause stating that you cannot hire a convicted
hacker on your projects.  It is also because of my status that I am
desperate for security-related or even internet-related work.
  The truth is, I am living in a federal halfway house transitioning out
of prison back into society.  I have to find local work to meet their
requirements, and they haven't approved any telecommute offers I have had
so far.  The director of the facility told me that if I don't find a job
in the next week or so he will send me back to prison (my sentence
actually ends October 12th).  Now, maybe he will be more compassionate and
see that I have made extraordinary efforts to find a job, but either way I
really need work right now.  I have been showing up at places that farm
out manual labor, 5:30am, and still haven't found any work.  My situation
is just ridiculous.

My Location
  I deeply appreciate the offers I have had for telecommute work, but
unfortunately I need local employment for at least the next several
months.  I live in Oakland, but I can commute to anywhere that BART

My Price
  I am willing to work for minimum wage for the next few months.  Surely
there is some open position at a security company in the area - hire me as
a janitor but give me a cubicle and I'll do vulnerability research or help
with security audits or have me sling html or whatever is useful to you,
who will know?  The last half dozen employers I have had paid me at least
$100/hr for my time, now I am only asking for $6.75.  If it came down to
it, I would be willing to sign an agreement whereby I will repay all wages
after a certain amount of time (I do need money like anyone else, but that
is secondary to having a job - my very freedom depends on getting a job in
the area).  Seriously, this is your chance to get someone who really knows
what they are doing, cheap.  If you can put me to work immediately, please


Max Vision
vision at ...4...

Resume Follows:

               Max Vision [security expert, problem solver]
                   205 Mac Arthur Blvd, Oakland CA 94610
              Phone (510)393-0189, Email vision at ...4...


  I am currently looking for immediate full time work with a Bay Area
  company that could use a dedicated network security guru.


  I am efficient, focused, and pay close attention to detail.  I enjoy
  helping others, and at the same time am not afraid to ask questions.
  I live and breathe network security.


My core expertise is in network penetration testing and intrusion
  detection; however I am also skilled in network and firewall
  configuration, Unix system administration, web administration,
  technical writing, and digital forensics.
Architectures/Operating Systems: I have experience with most flavors of
  Unix, including Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, BSDi, HPUX, IRIX,
  and all versions of Windows including NT/2000/XP.
Security Tools: I have used most popular commercial and open source
  security software.
Special Projects: I created the Whitehats website
  (http://whitehats.com/) as a resource for other network security
  professionals.  I authored the arachNIDS intrusion event signature
  database (http://whitehats.com/ids/) that is used by thousands of
  users and administrators to detect attacks against their networks. I
  have contributed to the development of Nessus as well as the Snort
  IDS.  I am a member of the Honeynet Project, a security research
  group that focuses on digital forensics through the use of honeypots
  and other security tools.  Use securityfocus.com or google.com to
  search for my postings to various security lists.


Network Penetration Analyst, Max Vision Network Security (Berkeley, CA)
  Developed a profitable consulting practice meeting the security needs
  of Internet giants by providing penetration testing services.
  Authored proprietary security assessment software for discovering
  network resources, generating proposals and conducting audits using
  the latest cracking techniques including zero day exploits.
  Maintained an industry exclusive quality standard that guaranteed
  thorough analysis for every customer.
Exploit Developer, Entercept Security Technologies (San Jose, CA)
  Researched and developed exploit test cases for the Solaris version
  of the Entercept intrusion prevention software.  Provided detailed
  documentation and wrote code to demonstrate vulnerabilities
  where necessary.
Network Security Architect, Globalstar L.P. (San Jose, CA)
  Deployed and managed Checkpoint FW-1 firewalls.  Implemented VPN and
  PKI elements of an extranet solution that tied corporate partners
  together online.  Conducted security assessments and a review of
  corporate security policies.
Senior Penetration Engineer, MCR (San Francisco, CA)
  Performed penetration testing of client networks. Maintained a 100%
  penetration rate.
Unix System Administrator, Mpath Interactive (Mountain View, CA)
  Maintained Solaris servers in a distributed environment.  Authored
  network and log monitoring tools to increase efficiency.
Network Configuration Technician, IBM (Seattle, WA)
Technical Support Technician, Spry Internet (Bellevue, WA)
Technical Support Technician, Traveling Software (Bothel, WA)
Technician, HiTech Systems, Inc. (Boise, ID)

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