[Snort-users] linux mysql database - wndows sensor.

chris chrisj314 at ...1964...
Mon Aug 12 09:23:07 EDT 2002

Are there any secrets to getting a windows sensor running the latest
snort and IDS center  to log to a linux machine running
snort-acid-mysql. When I set up the settings for snort in IDS center for
mysql and click "test database connection" it shows one of the entries
in the database. or least it seems to, so I think its connecting in some
manner. And then when I apply and load the script and run snort. I
sometimes get a message in the "overview" window that says it can't
connect to the database. Or I get no message there but when I test snort
by violating known rules like port scanning I get no message in mysql or
acid on the linux machine. So  was wondering if there is a certain set
of command line options to use with snort on the windows machine, or if
I'm doing something dumb, or if it's a minor change needed in the
snort.conf. Any help would be appreciated. And I know the port scan
events should show up because I have snort configured to make them show
up in mysql.  At least they show up with a similar configuration on my
linux machine.
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