[Snort-users] Help Setting up Snort

Andy Garner Andy.G at ...3007...
Fri Aug 9 17:47:07 EDT 2002

Fellow PigHeads,

While setting up Snort on my Suse distro I seem to missing the
snort_eth1.pid or any Pid file for snort in /var/run.  Was that supposed to
be included in the install?  I am attempting to Admin Snort through use of
Webmin and it looks like it can't start it with out the *.pid file.

Also when I attempt to use the snortd from msbnetworks.net/snort/snortd.txt
I don't have the directory /etc/rc.d/init.d  instead I have /etc/init.d/rc
and /etc/init.d/rc0.d all the way through rc6.d    Where should I place the
script and how would I get it to work on my distro?

Thank you for any assistance that you could give me,

Andrew Garner

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