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Fri Aug 9 15:17:02 EDT 2002

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--- Tim <twr at ...163...> wrote:
> Please bear with me .... I am so very new to the
> software programs involved. I have downloaded and
> read the installation documentation for all the
> software packages involved but the installation
> topology eludes me. I have asked a similar question
> before on the list but I guess I didn't make the
> question very explicit. I want to install the five
> primary packages, (Apache, MySQL, Webmin, ACID and
> Snort), and the ACID dependencies, (PHP, ADOBD,
> To my understanding, so far, one can install all the
> packages in one box to monitor an external, DMZ and
> internal interface via hubs placed at the points
> where snort can see all the packets going/coming
> from the particular interface. Is this right so far?
> If not, I'm limited as to how many boxes (2) I can
> use in order to install all the packages....so in
> this case, what combination of packages do I have to
> install on each one of the boxes in order to have
> this IDS topology working properly. The
> documentation I have read are very well put together
> but they are missing this one key element. 
> If their is documentation that one can point me (or
> that I missed somewhere) to that will give me some
> guidance towards this goal, it would be appreciated.
> Or, if someone has had a similar experience and has
> successfully deployed such a topology and can give
> me some pointers this also would be extremely
> helpful. 
> Your input/insights will be gratefully appreciated.
> Tim -- Mia/Fla
> Student

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