[Snort-users] Snort for Windows, MySQL and ACID question

Chris Eidem ceidem at ...5503...
Thu Aug 8 14:19:02 EDT 2002

> I am running Snort, MySQL and ACID on a Windows 2000 
> Professional machine.  
> When I run a port scan, I do not see any port scan activity 
> showing up in 
> ACID.  Any ideas on where to look to see why this is not 
> happening?  I 
> assume that I am missing a rule somewhere, but I am not sure. 
>  Thanks....

rtff - read the f(ine) faq:

stfa - search the f(ine) archives:

google is your friend:

snort helps them what helps themselves...

<rant - not directly completely at you, shawn, but consider yourself
within the blast radius...>

fer cryin' out loud, what is it with people?  get 'em on the internet
and the automatically lose 50 points of iq?!  seems that some of 'em
can't spare it to begin with.

google.  mailing list archives.  faqs.  how-tos.  documentation written
by users.

it's all out there -- use it.

okay, stop me if this gets complicated.  on a mailing list you do
something called lurking.  read for a week, just listen -- don't say
anything.  get the feel of the people who write and the temperament of
the list in general.  newbies can get help, but be prepared to get
whacked for not doing your homework.  

yes, i know i could have spent less time just answering the question,
but this is like taking the time to write a script so next time you
invest a lot less time.  yes, i know that this could be construed as
rude, but consider that you've just committed the equivalent of butting
into a card game and asking "are you playing cards?"

if you are going to ask for help, send the relevant information.  here
it is again.  

- version of os (win2k, redhat 7.2, obsd 3.1-stable...)
- version of snort (do a snort -V)
- version of acid (look at the bottom of the page - if it isn't
0.9.6.b21, don't ask until you've installed it)
- version of barnyard, if applicable (barnyard -V)
- version of your database (mysql -V [getting to see a pattern here?])

if you've read the faqs, read the how-tos, looked it up in google and
the mailing list archives AND THEN you're unable to get your problem
taken care of, THEN BY ALL MEANS ask for help.  prove to me that you
aren't some lazy freakin' snot out to waste our time and energy and
goodwill, and i'll stay around and help you.

this isn't meant for just this list either.  this is for all of 'em.
fly tying, tie-dying, hang-gliding, programming GLIDE, programming perl,
perl on an OS, OS miscellaneous (criminey, you should see what they do
to stupid users on obsd-misc...), bondage sites, mailservers lists,

do your homework.  do for yourself.

then ask.


i'm going home, beers and chicken need drinking and barbequeing (in that

 - chris

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