[Snort-users] Win2K & Overlapped I/O Issue

Alexandre GIGLEUX Alexandre.Gigleux at ...6495...
Thu Aug 8 08:18:08 EDT 2002


This question was posted sometimes ago.
I'am in the same situation, is someone has the answer of this issue ?


> I'm setting up a new install of Snort on Win2k and I'm getting the "ERROR:
> OpenPcap( ) device open: Error opening adapter: Overlapped I/O operation
> in progress.  Fatal Error, Quitting.."
> The FAQ says this can be due to an old incompatible, or uninstalled
> of WinPcap.  I'm using 2.3 and the install appears to be running
> successfully. Is there any way I can check to make sure it is, or is this
> already a known issue?

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