[Snort-users] updating snort rules set

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Wed Aug 7 12:44:03 EDT 2002

You might not have some variables set in your snort.conf that some of the
new rules need.  I think you can check the config by running snort with the
-T switch which just tests the config and spits out the errors, then go and
see if you can find the rule that is causing the problem and see what it is
needing for variables.

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I have deployed snort on win2k servers and I am trying to install the
latest snort rules. The way I am doing this is by down loading the latest
rules file and extracting them to the rules directory. After I do this I
get an error when I try to restart snort, after I have replaced the old
rules files snort starts again with no errors. Sooooooo what should I be
doing that I'm not ? Is there any documentation I can reference ?

Thanks for any assistance you can offer

Dave Oswald
Network Engineer

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