[Snort-users] SnortCenter

larc larc at ...1187...
Wed Aug 7 10:15:04 EDT 2002

Hi again,
The problem is here that when you installed the sensor you defined the snort path & the snort rule path without a trailing '/'

In your sensor directory go to the 'conf' dir and edit the file 'config'

Then push to the sensor again and restart.

Stefan Dens

 "Jeremy Junginger" <jjunginger at ...6548...> wrote:
Hey guys,
>I've got snortcenter and the agent installed on the same box as an IDS
>(just for testing).  I can connect to the sensor via snortcenter over
>the default port (2525) and can pull system status okay, but I get the
>"Snorrrrt ->     Snort is not Running " message when I view the sensor.
>Also, when I look at the IDS while hitting the "Start" Link, I notice
>the following error:
>Cat: /usr/local/snort/rulessnort_cmd_line.: No such file or directory
>Clicking "restart" yields the following output
>sh: /usr/local/snortsnort: No such file or directory
>Could you guys help me locate the file where I can specify the command
>to start and stop snort as I would run it from the command line? Let me
>know if more details would help.  Thanks,

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