[Snort-users] Activeworx IDS Policy Manager

Jeff Dell jdell at ...1095...
Tue Aug 6 15:04:04 EDT 2002

If you using win2k on your sensors, I would try using ftp with stunnel
or Cygwin SSH daemon. You can get them at:


Both of them will work with IDS Policy Manager to upload your policies


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> I am trying to get activeworx working in my network. I have 
> my snort sensors deployed on WIN2k, I have tried using 
> Teraterm  with TTSSH as the IDS server side SSH but I guess I 
> misunderstood the information about using Teraterm with TTSSH 
> or I am not configured properly. Anyway i am trying to find 
> an IDS manager that I can use from my admin PC to connect 
> securely to my IDS servers. Is there such an animal fro my 
> type of deployment ?
> Dave Oswald
> Network Engineer

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