[Snort-users] problem insert signature into ids database?

Vincent Chen vcba79 at ...6112...
Mon Aug 5 19:57:10 EDT 2002

Hi, all

I received the following log entry recently.

a. database: warning (SELECT sig_id FROM signature WHERE sig_name = 'X11
outbound client connection detected' AND sig_rev = 4 AND sig_sid = 1227
) returned more than one result
b. database: Problem inserting a new signature 'X11 outbound client
connection detected'
c. database: postgresql_error: ERROR: Cannot insert a duplicate key into
unique index sig_reference_pkey

I checked the database by giving sql command in a. and there are 40 rows
in output.
Is this normal? Should the signature in database be unique?
Is there any thing I can do to solve this problem?


Vincent Chen

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