[Snort-users] VDQ: Snort basic

Brad Mills millsmiami at ...770...
Mon Aug 5 14:26:04 EDT 2002


> quick answer: yes -- right now.
> think of yourself as a nation that was attacked at the beginning of
> world war two.  biplanes, horse-mounted troops, static foot-deep
> concrete walled fortresses.  now, look at the end of the war; rockets
> that almost reached the top of the atmosphere, jets, atom bombs, they
> came a long way in six years...
 I can vouch for this - spent too many hours trying to get snort/acid 
running (ain't done it yet) ... have, however, successfully config'd 
and run a smoothwall GPL firewall - runs snort optionally. At least I 
can see the pig in action, even if I can't config it (sheepish grin). 
It's it's a beginning, and a mighty nice teacher.
 See www.smoothwall.org and no, I'm not a shareholder ;) but a student 
of all of this security stuff.

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