[Snort-users] VDQ: Snort basic

Beartooth karhunhammas at ...6529...
Mon Aug 5 12:51:05 EDT 2002

On Mon, 5 Aug 2002, Chris Eidem wrote:

> > I ought to have some sort of defense, but don't know what I can
> > hope to handle, or even find straight up about. Is Snort such a
> > thing, or am I out of my league as usual?
> quick answer: yes -- right now.
> think of yourself as a nation that was attacked at the beginning
> of world war two.  biplanes, horse-mounted troops, static
> foot-deep concrete walled fortresses.  now, look at the end of
> the war; rockets that almost reached the top of the atmosphere,
> jets, atom bombs, they came a long way in six years...

	I left something out. I had tried for several years to
teach myself linux out of manuals, and got nowhere -- till I
finally found a Friendly Local Alpha Plus Nerd (FLAPN) between
jobs, who very kindly came to me and got my linux drive up,
running, and connected. He did set up some sort of a firewall,
though I lacked the savvy to follow all the details; so I do have
something-- not supersonic, but at least not quite mammalian
cavalry. But I'll do as you suggest -- am doing it; many thanks!

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