[Snort-users] wincap and ntwdblib.dll errors .....

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Fri Aug 2 17:19:24 EDT 2002

The ntwdblib.dll file contains the client functionality of Microsoft SQL
Server (also referred to as MSSQL in Snort circles).  This file is installed
by Microsoft during installation of SQL Server, or installation of the SQL
Server client utilities

There are several different Win32 Snort 1.8.x executables which can be
downloaded, each with various features enabled or disabled.  It seems as
though you downloaded and installed one of the Win32 executables which can
(optionally) log to a SQL Server database, but you don't have SQL Server
installed on your Snort machine.  Your two choices are:

1)  Install either SQL Server or the SQL Server client utilities on the
Snort machine.

2)  Download and install a non-MSSQL Snort executable.

Chris Reid

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I have installed  Snort on my Windows 2000 workstation. Upon trying to
run C:\snort\snort -v I received the unable to fine wincap.dll error so
I downloaded it form http://www.macconext.com/down12.htm  Then I
received the unable to find ntwdblib.dll error. This doesn't seem normal
what am I doing wrong and/or were do I get the files I need to get snort
to work ?


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