[Snort-users] Problem After Upgrading Snort

Keith Young kyoung at ...6513...
Fri Aug 2 07:09:04 EDT 2002

Troels Leth Petersen wrote:
> Aug  2 06:11:27 xxx snort: FATAL ERROR: ERROR => Undefined variable
> name: (web-cgi.rules:9): HTTP_PORTS
> I have tried adding HTTP_PORTS to snort.conf and 'var HTTP_PORTS =
> ...." directly in web-cgi.rules. But that was apparently not what was
> needed. I would be very happy if someone could point me in the right
> direction!

Does the default "snort.conf" that comes with the distribution work? 
Does your HTTP_PORTS line (in your current config) look like this:
	# Ports you run web servers on. (By default, port 80)
	var HTTP_PORTS 80


--Keith Young
-kyoung at ...6513...

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