[Snort-users] detect that shouldn't be detected!

Daniel Lopez dlopez at ...6134...
Thu Aug 1 16:14:41 EDT 2002

Yes, but my HOME_NET is still set to So, even if my home
network address is included in the EXTERNAL variable because I'm using
any, I'm launching the attack from 10.50.1.x -> 10.50.0.X

10.50.0.x is not an IP address that belongs to my Home network.
Am I still missing something? :-/

> That is right.  Because is included in your EXTERNAL network
> (any).
> Try changing EXERNAL_NET to !$HOME_NET
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> Hello,
> Currently, I'm doing some tests on Snort. I'm using two LANs. One
> recreates the External network. The network address is:
> The second LAN is my home network. The network address is:
> They are interconnected via a router. I wanted to be able to
> get attacks
> going from the External network to my Home network, and attacks going
> from my Home network to the other computers in my Home network.
> The SNORT box is in the home network. Computers and SNORT box are
> connected through a HUB. I configured the HOME_NET and EXTERNAL_NET
> variables as follows:
> However, when I launch an attack (Teardrop, NewTear) from my home
> network to the external network, SNORT detects it!! If I look the
> Teardrop rule, it is written this way:
> [...] $EXTERNAL_NET -> $HOME_NET [...]
> Thus, it only will be applied for traffic that goes from the
> External_Net to the Home_Net!
> I don't understand how it can detect it if the attack goes
> from my home
> network to the external network. Did I miss something?
> Thanks in advance for your help!
> Daniel Lopez
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