[Snort-users] bug in script?

Eduard San Anselmo esananselmo at ...6002...
Thu Aug 1 10:08:47 EDT 2002

I don't know if it's really a BUG or only something I have changed that 
I shouldn't have to, but I found a problem in snortd script that comes 
along with the snort-postgresql-1.8.7.i386.rpm.
In the place where the call to the status function is, you can see this:
    status snort;
But when you write /service snortd status/, you get the following 
message: snort dead, but subsys locked. This is due to the fact that 
snort is a sym link to the snort-postgresql file, located in /usr/sbin 
(where the sym link indeed is). So the line should say:
    status /usr/sbin/snort
And we will be able to know the actual status of our sensor.

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