[Snort-users] Snot based attacks and the -z est option.

larosa, vjay larosa_vjay at ...3331...
Fri Apr 26 09:04:09 EDT 2002

Maybe that is why I was originally having trouble, I started out with 1.8.4,
and when I had trouble 
with -z est, I upgraded to 1.8.6 and moved on to some other tests, (That's
when I changed over
to the binary output method and forgot to switch back for the snot testing).


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> You are right. I have retested with 1.8.6 and the only alerts I am
> seeing are various portscans. But this was not so in 1.8.4.

1.8.4 was never officially released :-)

> BTW: Any idea, why my snort 1.8.6 still doesn't alert on "normal"
> portscans?  (view my previous post) I only see Vecna scan, Null
> Scan, Fin Scan, Syn Fin and those stuff, but not the vanilla
> spp_portscan.

No idea. It's on the TODO list to replace.
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