[Snort-users] SnortSam update

Frank Knobbe fknobbe at ...652...
Wed Apr 24 16:54:07 EDT 2002

To anyone who is using Snort with the SnortSam plugin:

We discovered an issue today with the latest stable version of Snort
(1.8.7, build 111), where Snort would crash/exit when the new stream4
pre-processor was engaged.

This issue has been fixed and I urge anyone using the SnortSam plugin to
get the new version (plugin version 1.11) from the web site at
http://www.snortsam.net. Source and binaries for Windows are available.

Some other issues in the SnortSam agent have been fixed as well, and it
now works across all endian platform combinations. During this work, the
packet structure changed slightly and you need to update the agent if
you update Snort. See News page on web site for more info.

Finally the way is paved to spend some time on the PIX implementation...


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