[Snort-users] Ignoring all traffic from a certain network

Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Mon Apr 15 12:37:19 EDT 2002

On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Stephen C Burns wrote:

> Is there a way to have Snort and all of it's rules ignore all traffic from
> a specific /24?  Like a global portscan-ignorehosts directive that affects
> everything, not just port scans?  I get a lot of false positives in the
> rules from my HOME_NET that I'd like to take out, if possible... thanks
> everyone.

As Jeff mentioned, you could use BPF filters.  This is a fairly good idea,
since it tells pcap not to pass the packets into snort.  That stops any 'extra
overhead' of processing that snort would have to do.  If it's a lot of stuff,
I'd suggest looking at using a BPF filter file.

        -F <bpf>   Read BPF filters from file <bpf>


Erek Adams

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