[Snort-users] spp_portscan and ACID

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Tue Apr 2 01:47:31 EST 2002

That's because the default logging for spp_portscan doesn't log the packet
info.  I'm new to this list, so don't let me reinvent the wheel here.  I had
to mod the spp_portscan.c file to support basic portscan logging to a

 - Removed the IP/time/host information from the event header that generates
unique events for every portscan you see.
 - Changed event logging to Log and not the default of Alert so that it
works like other database event loggers.
 - Added packet logging (replace NULL with "p" in the logger call)

This is not pretty yet and only shows my the indication of a portscan with 1
packet of info, still working on making it more complete.

Again, has this already been done?


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In ACID, I get warned of portscan scan events like this.

spp_portscan: End of portscan from TOTAL time(14s)
hosts(41) TCP(1) UDP(43)

For some reason, when I click to see the event I can't see whom is scanning.  If I check the portscan.log file.  I have
logs like this

Apr  1 14:38:58 -> UDP  
Apr  1 14:38:58 -> UDP

How can I get those events to show up in ACID?

-Jason Yates

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