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That was an interesting thread...

I think the FAQ should be updated with this, since this subject (that
has come up again and again) is dealt with in only one sentence and
the subject is apparently a little more complicated.

Greets, Martijn
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> Oinkers Bob and John,
>      Thanks!  That makes perfect sense and I should've known that! 
> To sum up for the archives...When you have snort sitting behind
> iptables, snort sees every packet coming in (same as iptables). 
> However, since iptables denies connections, before the 3 way
> handshake is complete, you won't probably see nearly as many
> alerts.  The packets with the exploit  data that
> snort is going to alert on come AFTER the connection is established
> (3-way handshake done).  So with iptables denying connections, the
> data 
> to trigger
> alerts doesn't show up at the box at all.
>      Thanks again for your help!  I can sleep better in my pen
> tonight....  
> Piglet James

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