[Snort-users] Re: Still have problems with ACID, browser problem

michi at ...3624... michi at ...3624...
Fri Sep 28 04:04:05 EDT 2001


now i have updated with the newest CVS-acid.
Archiving works now fine, thanks so far for the support !

But since update to v.0.9.6b15 with cvs-updates,
my browser Netscape 4.74 and IE 5.0 hang after some work with the newer acid
The old version v.0.9.6b14 works fine with these browsers.
Additional info: Our acid/apache-webserver forces https with client

Does anybody else have the same problem ?

Thanks for any answer !
Best regards
michi at ...3624...

> Did you CVS update since Thu Sep 27 03:34:29 2001 UTC?
 > After you make this update and continue to have problems,  set
> $debug_mode=2 in acid_conf.php and send me the HTML output
> of the various trace information.

> Roman

> On Thu, 27 Sep 2001 michi at ...3624... wrote:

> Hello snorters,
> i have the database schema update to v104, now i can archive most of the
> alarms.
> All alarms but one "WEB-IIS multiple decode attempt" (sid=970)
> I got the error: Ignored xxx duplicate alert(s)
> But these alerts aren't double.
> Any ideas ?
> Thanks in advance !
> Best regards
> michi at ...3624...

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