[Snort-users] alert without logging

Nathan W. Labadie ab0781 at ...3381...
Thu Sep 27 19:02:02 EDT 2001

Is there any way to write a rule so that it _doesn't_ log an alert?

I'm currently running snort against two B subnets. The amount of 
CodeRed and Nimda probes that hit the network is fairly high (ie, 5000+ 
per hour). The number of machines on the network that become infected 
is also extremely high. Anyone that's worked in an academic environment 
will understand my pain ;).

Anyways, I'd like to make use of flexible response _without_ having to 
parse though 100,000 alerts at the end of the day. ie, snorts sees a 
request for cmd.exe, kills the connection, and goes on its merry way 
without generating an alert. Is this possible?


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