[Snort-users] Using Acid, MySQL and Persistant connections.

Steve Halligan agent33 at ...187...
Thu Sep 27 07:50:13 EDT 2001

> This behavior is quite troublesome and I have also seen it happen
> an seemingly random occasions.  Some thoughts on this:
> - Under what versions of PHP is this happening?  I can confirm it
> on 4.0.6.

Confirmed in PHP 4.0.5

> - Is it really all ACID pages which cause this problem?

Not sure what you are asking here.

> - Does using memory_limit in PHP help (note: in PHP 4.0.6 there
> is a bug in this functionality)

If you run without a php.ini (which I do) the default value for this of 8M
is applied.  It still happens with this limit.


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