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ntop does indeed have some IDS capabilities, but in keeping with ntop's
strength as a network protocol monitoring tool (rather than packet payload),
the rules address protocol errors (like SYN packets that aren't ACK'ed
within a reasonable time frame). There is some overlap with what Snort does
in this area, but it's not a replacement.

I use ntop to watch for longer term trends, ie. to look at protocols
distributions through our firewall, since it's a very good visualization
tool. But to do the automated monitoring of traffic, I use a combination of
Snort as an IDS, MRTG to watch traffic trends (ie. put thresholds on
throughput), and Netsaint to watch MRTG and do the alerting.

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On Tue, 2001-09-25 at 15:25, Robert van der Meulen wrote:
> 'ntop' is a network statistics gatherer:

Yes, that was my first impression too, but if you go to www.ntop.org
click on Docs and take a look at the second document from
Papers/Articles ( http://jake.unipi.it/~deri/ntop_IEEE.pdf.gz ) you will
see things like "portscan detection, spoofing detection, spy detection,
trojan horse detection, denial of service", etc.etc.

Like i said, i have a feeling that it's got only very superficial IDS
capabilities, but i cannot vouch for that since i don't have first hand
experience with ntop.

Florin Andrei

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