[Snort-users] SNORT on CUBIX box

Petersen, Paul A paul.petersen at ...3596...
Tue Sep 25 13:28:02 EDT 2001

I've been tasked with installing SNORT on a CUBIX box (CUBIX boxes were
originally setup for WINFRAME / METAFRAME a year or to ago).

So I have multiple computers that I can load multiple instances of SNORT and
essentially have one box with a lot of sensors.  

Planned to install SNORT on top of OpenBSD. 

While I'm sure it's more of an OS issue than just whether SNORT will run or
not, I'm ust wondering if anyone on the list has tried to install these
components on a CUBIX box with any success or war stories to relate before I
attempt to go it alone.

Paul Petersen
paul.petersen at ...3596...

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