[Snort-users] OT: SSSCA -- Could make downloading of Snort, Linux, *BSD etc ill egal

Franki frankieh at ...2806...
Tue Sep 25 06:39:04 EDT 2001

wow, that really sucks,,,

The question remains though, how would the stop people from moving
offshore?? they can't bind the law to overseas countries

so how???

besides, they would be constantly revising it as it would be the target of
hackers/crackers everywhere...

Take Mandrake, based in france and using lots of US knowhow because us law
is to restrictive... (to give you an example, go lookin for a program called
winssh and try to download it if you are not in the US.)

It would be sad if it happens, but I can't see it being a long time workable
solution.... it just won't work.

sorta like the protection on DVD's really....



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The SSSCA is an ACT that is quietly being pushed foward.  Please read
article at

A draft of SSSCA can be found at http://cryptome.org/sssca.htm

If you are a US Citizen, and would like to sign a petition against this,
please go to

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