recent PHP bug breaks ACID: was:(Re: [Snort-users] ACID error when pulling up data)

chris koontz ckoontz at ...131...
Mon Sep 24 12:43:04 EDT 2001

While debugging the below problem I've discovered a
bug in php4.0.6.7rc2:
given the following code:
$string = "#This is an example string";
$tok1 = strtok($string,"#");

$tok1 should equal nothing.. however it equals
$string... (using other non # chars seem to work fine)

This breaks:
function GetQueryResultID found in:

A bug report can be found:

so if you encounter the bug below.. you'll know one
possible reason :)
--- chris koontz <ckoontz at ...131...> wrote:
> When I pull up data from an alert the following
> things
> appear on the screen(below the "first,next" buttons:
> horiz line
> (red)Alert DELETED
> the "meta" table (red):
> ID# -
> filter: none
> everything else is blank
> no other tables are showing
> (red)Database ERROR:You have an error in your SQL
> syntax near 'AND ag_cid=' at line 1
---- excess data snipped------

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