[Snort-users] ACID +archive

Jim Howard Jim.Howard at ...2728...
Mon Sep 24 11:48:02 EDT 2001

I am having what I hope is a simple error:

I have created the archive database, granted all to the user that needs in
on all tables, updated the php timeout to get it out of the way, and have
done what else I could to verify that the database is up to snuff.

When I do a move from ACID, I get the following:

Ignored 1312 duplicate alert(s)

No alerts were selected or the ARCHIVE-move was not successful

The alerts appear to have gotten copied to the archive database correctly,
so I thought it was a problem with not being able to remove the entries from
the origional database.  However, I can delete entries without any problems.
Just to make sure everything was as open as possible, I also did a grant all
on * to snort in the origional database as well.  I still get the same

Anyone have any ideas?  Is there a timeout for the sql statement execution
somewhere other than the php config file?


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