[Snort-users] Compiling Snort for MySQL

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Mon Sep 24 04:57:04 EDT 2001

Hi Richard,

A couple of weeks ago someone I don't remember who (sorry) explained me that I needed to install mysql-devel also. I worked perfectly. And when I compiled I used ./configure --with-mysql


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  I need to recompile snort for use with mysql but I keep getting the same error message when I recompile:
  ERROR: Unabel to find mysql headers (mysql.h)
  When I installed mysql I installed the mysql RPM.
  I am compiling as so: ./configure --with-mysql=/var/lib/mysql
  I have the snort database set up and populated using the contrib file create_mysql. I confirmed the database and the tables are present.
  All help is greatly appreciated.
  Thank you in advance.

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