[Snort-users] ACID error when pulling up data

chris koontz ckoontz at ...131...
Sun Sep 23 12:04:15 EDT 2001

When I pull up data from an alert the following things
appear on the screen(below the "first,next" buttons:
horiz line

(red)Alert DELETED

the "meta" table (red):
ID# -
filter: none
everything else is blank
no other tables are showing

(red)Database ERROR:You have an error in your SQL
syntax near 'AND ag_cid=' at line 1

Versions of software running:
Debian unstable
Snort 1.8p1 (from debian)
Acid 0.9.6b15 (also tried b14) (from cert)
adodb131 (from adodb site)
phplot 4.4.6 (from phplot site)
php4 (from debian)
mysql 3.23.42 (from debian)

Things tried so far:
Rebuilding database with and without "extras"
verified settings
creating an AG group

btw I've successfuly built ACID "systems" in the past
however not with this version of snort or acid... so
I'm suspecting a version related issue...

Does anyone have any ideas on where I should go from
here to get this working fully?
Feel free to ask any questions you might have..

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