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Fri Sep 21 07:00:04 EDT 2001

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Hi everyone - this question has probably been done to death, but my google
searching for answers has amounted to nought - so I'm going to have to ask
it again I'm afraid! 

The network here in my building is of course suffering from the recent Nimda
virus/worm breakout, and we're trying to track infected boxes with snort.

The entire network here is running on switched ethernet, which is giving us
a bit of a headache. Most of the switches are dumb 3Com supplied ones, but
we've been sensible enough (we think) to plug out snort box into the Cisco
one which sits at the top of the network.

The trouble is that we *still* don't seem to be able to monitor attacks
which don't directly go for the snort box itself.

The card is set up in promiscuous mode as it should be - but we think we
need to do something to the switch to make sure it sees ALL our internal
network traffic.

Does anyone know what we might have missed? Or have any suggestions at all?

Cheers amigos......




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