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Fri Sep 21 03:18:05 EDT 2001

I want to thank everyone: snort developers, snort users. I am finally
getting quality alerts with full packet decodes. We are happily
dropping RealSecure at work (well, I'm doing what I can to force the

Well done!

Anthony Kim

Brian hat geschrieben:

>According to Martin Roesch:
>> Check out the recent article from Network Computing, Snort did very well
>> against the commercial competition.
>> http://www.networkcomputing.com/1217/1217f2.html
>I take afront to that.  :)
>Snort did EXCELLENT.
>Open Source.  Free.
>Not $190,000 a year.  Not $90,000 a year.  Free.
>All this from a bunch of guys (and probably some girls somewhere along
>the lines) in their living room hacking away listening to techno.  
>As one of the contributers I believe we are working to provide the world 
>with the best IDS they can possibly get, and we are doing it because we 
>love it.
>Truly?  Not only is snort one of the top IDSs out there because it
>rocks, but since its free and its a community effort, I rate snort a
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