[Snort-users] comparison

Brian bmc at ...950...
Fri Sep 21 01:59:02 EDT 2001

According to Martin Roesch:
> Check out the recent article from Network Computing, Snort did very well
> against the commercial competition.
> http://www.networkcomputing.com/1217/1217f2.html

I take afront to that.  :)

Snort did EXCELLENT.

Open Source.  Free.

Not $190,000 a year.  Not $90,000 a year.  Free.

All this from a bunch of guys (and probably some girls somewhere along
the lines) in their living room hacking away listening to techno.  

As one of the contributers I believe we are working to provide the world 
with the best IDS they can possibly get, and we are doing it because we 
love it.

Truly?  Not only is snort one of the top IDSs out there because it
rocks, but since its free and its a community effort, I rate snort a


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