[Snort-users] Logging not working

Gordon Ewasiuk gewasiuk at ...3392...
Thu Sep 20 22:28:03 EDT 2001

On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Ed Kasky wrote:
> At 12:39 AM 9/21/2001 -0400, Gordon Ewasiuk wrote:
> >On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Ed Kasky wrote:
> >touch /var/log/snort/alert
> >
> >then restart snort.
> Did just that - had no effect.  It did create another set of snort.alert
> and snort.log though - and I noticed that the older ones had something in
> them...

Got my wires crossed.  I'm doing high-perf config which logs to
/var/log/snort/alert in ASCII text.

> 2096 Sep 20 21:44 0920 at ...3540...
> 4096 Sep 20 21:08 0920 at ...3541...
> 0 Sep 20 21:44 0920 at ...3543...
> 0 Sep 20 21:44 0920 at ...3544...
> But - when I tried to view them I get the following:
> "0920 at ...3540..." may be a binary file.  See it anyway?
> Is this a database file????

Appears so.  You got a '-b' on your snort cmd line?  that logs to a binary
file.  Think you gotta replay those like tcpdump.  Logging to binary file
is faster (says docs).  To replay the binary file and view stuff:

quoting from snort.org:

To read this file back and break out the data in the familiar Snort
format, just rerun Snort on the data file with the "-r" option and the
other options you would normally use. For example:

snort�-d�-c�snort.conf�-l�<logdir>�-h�<homenets>�-r�<your logfile>�

from http://www.snort.org/docs/writing_rules/chap1.html#tth_sEc1.4.2

Also, if you want to log to ascii text file, try:

<path to snort> -b -A fast -c <path to snort.conf>

That should log to /var/log/snort/alert in ASCII text.


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