[Snort-users] I need pretty graphs in some sort of word/txt file format

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Thu Sep 20 06:19:01 EDT 2001

You could use the mysql ODBC driver to allow Access/Excel or something to
talk to your mysql database.  Create a view (not sure how) in ACID that will
produce the data that you want to graph, or import select data into access
and graph from there.  I suggest using passthrough queries for most of it
since linking the tables into access will be very slow since access has to
do all the table sorting/filtering etc.

Anyone else have any other suggestions?


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	I use ACID and MySQL and I need a way to get pretty graphs in some
sort of word format. I use the graphs in ACID but I need something more than
I can use as a screen capture.. Anyone have any suggestions? Is there
something else out there?

Mike Reeves

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