[Snort-users] Acid and PHPlot help.

Michael Olden ov3r at ...3525...
Thu Sep 20 02:32:01 EDT 2001

Vjay LaRosa wrote:

> Hello,
> First off, is there a good step by step for configuring and 
> installing  MYSql /Acid on
> solaris? Second, I have GD, PHP, Apache and phplot all installed, when 
> I try to open
> any php document I get this error message. I have tried everything but 
> I still can't figure
> out what I am doing wrong. Any ideas? Thanks!
> vjl
> [19-Sep-2001 17:02:02] PHP Warning:  ImagePng: No PNG support in this 
> PHP build in /var/apache/htdocs/Acid/phplot-4.4.6/phplot.php on line 486
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It seems that php is telling you exactly the problem.... you dont have 
png support....
try rebuilding it with png support and see if it works.

Michael Olden
Security Advisor - Arnix Security

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