[Snort-users] ethernet without IP

Abu Emran Abu Bakar aeab at ...3523...
Thu Sep 20 01:42:02 EDT 2001

Hi all, i am a newbie
I am installing snort on my machine with two network 
interfaces. one without IP, read the snort's FAQ and 
followed it (regarding without IP)
This is how i am executing it:
./snort -D -d  -h xxx.xxx.0.0/16 -c snort.conf

and this is the result:

Initializing Network Interface eth1
WARNING: OpenPcap() device eth1 network lookup:
        SIOCGIFADDR: eth1: Cannot assign requested 
Decoding Ethernet on interface eth1

        --== Initialization Complete ==--       

however i cannot see any logging from snort, have tried 
few scanning but snort did not logged ..

please help ?.

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